The Mummy School with Shellie
“Parenting without a label”

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♥ Fed up of feeling like you’re doing this ‘mummy thing’m all wrong?
♥ Fed up of hearing others telling you how you should or shouldn’t be parenting?12
♥ Fed up of feeling that you don’t quite fit into any of these parenting styles
♥ Fed up of hearing the latest parenting buzz words being banded about?
♥ Me too! 

Listen up…

  • Here at The Mummy School I don’t follow one particular parenting style.
  • I recognise that there is no right or perfect way to parent.
    We all have our own values and beliefs. 
  • You won’t hear me talk about parenting as gentle, attachment, positive, respectful, mainstream or anything else for that matter.

Because I believe that every MOTHER on this earth sets out to be the best mother they can be and my believe is that referring to these parenting terms could possible make you feel guilty as I did,  if you don’t quite fit in to those boxes.

So I figured that if I felt that I didn’t quite tick the boxes in terms of parenting buzz words, then lots of other mummies must feel like this too.

and so…The Mummy School and “Parenting without a label” was born.

Please take a look around.
I offer one to one support and online courses  and an option from £4.99
so you can find a solution that works for you.

Shellie x

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