Drowsy but AWAKE!

What the HELL does drowsy but awake mean anyway? Well it mean’s putting your baby down to sleep in the cot awake. Fully aware that he’s going down into that cot and is no longer in your arms. It means ready to drift off into a peaceful sleep, calm and relaxed but awake enough to know you have put him down.

Mums are often convinced they put their baby down awake. Now, you may call me a ‘pessimist’ but I can hazard a guess that 75% of you don’t!

Why? Well, here’s the thing. Your baby need’s to be aware that they’re going down in the cot. That awareness means they will usually have their eyes open and be awake for more than 5 minutes after being placed in the cot. They shouldn’t be asleep in a nano second of you putting them down.

Now I get that this seems like a really, really un-do-able task and one that fills you with dread. I thoroughly understand the feeling of relief when you’ve finally got your little one to stop fussing and crying and they’re finally asleep in your arms.

I also get that all you really want to do is get those pj’s on and put your feet up and have a bit of me time with a glass of wine after a long day once in a while. (Hey, maybe that’s even too blooming exciting for you right now). Rephrase – sod the wine you just want your bed. BUT seriously, it’s worth thinking about this and starting to put some ground work in place, because if you don’t, you might find you’ll be back up them stairs like ‘Jack Flash’.

Drowsy but awake isn’t:

  • Putting your baby down when they are so drowsy that they are asleep in seconds of being placed on the mattress.
  • Putting your baby down so carefully, you would think they were made of china just incase you induce a crying fit once they are in the cot.

Tips on how to put your baby down Drowsy but awake:

  • Making sure your baby does NOT fall asleep on the breast, having a bottle or being rocked and cuddled. It is absolutely fine to do all the above but, make sure they are not asleep or too drowsy when you put them down.
  • If your baby is in the habit of falling asleep at the breast  orbottle why not change the order of the feed. For example if you breast or bottle feed your baby as the last step to your bedtime routine, then change the order. Bath, feed and then massage or story for example.
  • If you like to feed as the last part of your routine, then make sure you stimulate them enough to put them down drowsy but awake by talking to them calmly throughout the feed or winding them after the feed to bring them around a little.
  • If the last thing you do is rock or cuddle then that’s fine, but gradually work on shortening the length of the cuddle every few days so that eventually your baby goes down awake.
  • All babies are different, that goes without saying. Gradually work on noticing how long it takes for your baby to go from the awake to drowsy stage. Work on putting your child down at different stages of drowsy. So for example 1 minute before you think they will go to sleep for a few days. Then 2 minutes before they fall asleep. Baby steps and gradual improvement is all it takes. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

P.S. Without the basic sleep foundations in place you may always struggle to help your baby sleep.
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Hope that helps. Good LUCK! You can do it by taking BABY STEPS
Shellie x

Surviving clock change with our tips.

I bet you’ve not thought about this and I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT!

clock change

It’s nearly that time of year again when we turn the clocks back one hour and welcome winter (or not as the case may be!). I’m actually quite sad. I like winter, dark nights and cosy time by the fire tucked up on the sofa with my bambinos.

Anyway back to the point of this blog. I’m here (just to jog your memory) and fill you with dread that your little bambino might potentially wake up one hour earlier than the usually do!!!! OMG…. Yep, I’m sorry, but that could be the case, 5 am wakes could now be 4am wakes.

Soooo, what can you do to help prepare your little one’s body clock for this blooming annoying change.

  • Begin TONIGHT by putting your child to bed 10 minutes later than usually. That will mean adjusting the timing of his last feed and bedtime routine too.
  • You will more than likely find that they wake up at their usual (probably unearthly hour) in the morning, but here’s the important thing, go in and settle them or do what you usually do through the night to get them to sleep. Even if they don’t drift back into dreamland act as though it’s still night-time. Say the same ‘key phrases’ you usually use e.g. “It’s still night, night time, go back to sleep.”
  • When it’s time to get up, make sure you differentiate to your child that it’s now morning. You can do this by altering the tone of your voice, make it louder, unlike the quite, whispering voice you use during the night. Open the curtains or turn the light on and say “Wakey, wakey, rise and shine, it’s time to get up now, or whatever your family like to say.
  • Continue to shift your child’s bedtime back by 10 minutes each night. This should help to adjust their body clocks.
P.S. Remember to think carefully about using artificial light at bedtime. Those of you who have completed my ‘7 Day Sleep Challenge’ will now exactly what I mean and how it can impact sleep.

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