We’ve all been there haven’t we.?

Reacting in the ‘heat of the moment’
Dishing out consequences that are more often than not really harsh.

If you’re like me, I dish out the consequences when I’m less than calm and then later regret the ‘said’ consequence and retract it because I know it’s unreasonable and unfair.

Where does that leave me?
Feeling guilty and not following through on my actions.
Then I’m left wondering why I keep seeing the repeat behaviour.

Try to remember always that ‘DISCIPLINE’ is about teaching and learning. Whether that be better behaviour or just behaviour you would prefer to see.

❓ So what do ‘consequences’ as a means of discipline teach your toddler?


❓ It teaches them to follow rules and what to expect when they don’t follow the rules you set.

❓Teaches them to be responsibility for their choices.

So how do I use consequences to discipline my toddler?


These are what happens automatically.

For example. It’s freezing cold outside and your toddler won’t wear his coat.

Consequence: He gets cold.

Obviously, you would take your toddler’s coat with you and explain to him when he tells you he’s cold the consequence of not wearing his coat is feeling cold. Therefore he is learning by his experience.


You could also use the same scenario If you don’t wear your coat you can’t go outside and play. You are giving a logical consequence for his choice.

When using consequences try to make them relateable to the behaviour you want to change.

Make sure you make the consequence is clear to your toddler. Use easy to understand language. Don’t complicate things.

Therefore teaching them a great lesson that their behaviour does have an outcome or consequence.

Shellie x


“Why don’t you ever listen?

“How many times do I have to tell you?”

“What have i just said?”

“Why don’t you ever listen?”

I know, you feel like a broken record. Constantly repeating yourself day after day.

You always feel like your nagging your little one to do something and it’s becoming really, REALLY frustrating!

Try these 3 tips to ‘edge your bets’ and increase your chances of your little one doing as you ask without you exploding in to ‘shouty mummy’ mode.

💡 1. Give a warning. Let your little one know that in 10 minutes it’s time for bed. You can also remind him when there’s 5 minutes to go and let him know that when his time is up he must do as you ask.

💡 2. Set a timer. Use a timer as a visual cue, so that he can see for himself when he must do as you ask. Remind him how the timer works and tell him when his time is up he must do as you ask.

💡 3. Provide choices. Tell your little one that he can go to bed now and read two stories or go to bed in 10 minutes and have 1 story.

🌸🌸🌸🌸Why listen to me? 🌸🌸🌸🌸

Hiya, I’m Shellie, Founder of The Mummy School
and I help mummies who are really struggling with their little one’s behaviour.

I too was that mummy and I know how difficult it can be and what little support is out there.

So, If your a mum with a toddler or preschool and you’re struggling right now with behaviour and really need some support, I’d love to welcome you into my group here:


BUT be warned, I’m not on the same page as the 3 Day Nanny or Jo Frost -Supernanny.

For me it’s more about considering your child’s development stage and approaching things in a more holistic way.

Shellie x

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